Our fees are payable by monthly direct debit for all classes to help you spread the cost and stay committed. 

Please use the calculator to calculate your fees by weekly cost and monthly cost. Simply enter the number of each type of classes you or your child/children will be taking.



OFFER 1 - For young students taking all 3 disciplines of Performing Arts; Musical Theatre/Jazz Dance + Drama + Singing, select their Platform (1,2, or 3) and the All 3 option in the calculator for the reduced rate.

OFFER 2 - For adults taking 3 classes per week, select Adults 3 per week in the calculator for the reduced rate.

SIBLING DISCOUNT - 20% discount for which ever child's fees are the lesser if there are more than 2 children each additional child will receive 20% off and only the child costing the most will pay full price. Apologies but our calculator can't work sibling discount out for you so please bare this in mind if you're costing up more than 1 child.

FYI - 

Platform Poppets - Ages 3-5

Platform 1 - Ages 5-8

Platform 2 - Ages 8-11

Platform 3 - Ages 11+

Platform Performance Team  - invited students only

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